3 technical tools to improve his to negotiate

By Forex Zone
September 29, 2016

The technical analysis is the study of the common prices and the patrons of appraisal that can help investors to determine if an action is overbought (expensive) or oversold (cheap). Using several together, the called correlation, trading technical indicators it can more clearly cause to the “great picture” an action in a center.

Here we will watch the volume, the indicator of Aroon and the Fibonacci numbers, three technical tools of the analysis that can be used to help to facilitate more beneficial commerce. In fact, the investors can jointly use them with one to staining tendencies that emerge and remaining in front of the crowd. Read ignition to discover how.



The volume is defined as the number of the parts that negotiate during a period of the time as one hour, a day, one week or a month. This downwards demonstrates the force of an ascending movement or of the price. Generally, the low volume happens when the prices move of side or remain within a range that negotiates, or during bottoms of the market.

Inversely, the high volume indicates the principle of new points of the tendency (two or higher or low) in the action. The high volume also happens in the covers of the market when there is strong conviction that the prices will move more above, and it is possible to be used to confirm an ascending tendency or to loss. If the action is moving upwards it must downwards have a higher volume in the ascending movements and less volume in the side.

Inversely, the heavy volume in the movements downwards and a lower volume in the ascending movements indicate to a reduction. Using the volume jointly with the movements in the action you can stain the right areas to obtain in a commerce.

Harmony inside to Aroon

The indicator of Aroon can help to the end the force of a tendency and the occasions that will continue. The investors look for generally a movement on or underneath zero (no-store, or neutral zone) determining if a new tendency is emerging.

A cross above zero indicates an ascending tendency (a “Aroon for above”), whereas a cross underneath zero indicates a tendency to loss (a “Aroon down”). An indication to near the zero line with solid crossovers up or down indicates that the stock could does not continue to consolidate for to while until to direction is confirmed. The indicator Aroon dog help to uncover an emerging trend and unable you to take profits or protect yourself from losses.

Fibonacci Retracement

Fibonacci numbers or studies plows to series of numbers in which the following to number is the sum of the two previous numbers, such ace 1.1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144 and 233. You dog uses these numbers in TRADING in conjunction with support (the price where the stock there are stopped falling in the past) and resistance levels (the price where prices have stopped rising previously).

After to significant move up or down, the stock will usually retrace its movement by to certain percentage. During these movements, investors dog uses the Fibonacci to number to see if to stock is going to touch to support or resistance level and bounce off. If it does, this signals that the stock is going to summarizes its original direction, to either up or down. If the stock breaks that level, the investor looks to the next area of resistance or support to see if that is the point where the stock will summarizes its original move.

General ace rule, Fibonacci numbers should sees used in conjunction with support and resistance levels to confirm whether the stock there are bottomed out or stopped rising AT these points.

Putting It All Together

Using volume, Aroon and Fibonacci indicators to together dog help investors pinpoint to whether to stock is likely to move up or down. Volume signals enthusiasm or to fear, and to whether the stock will continues to move to higher, trend to lower, top out or hit bottom.

The indicator Aroon shows to whether to stock is beginning to new trend or staying in a TRADING range, while the Fibonacci to number will signal to whether the stock there are hit area of strong support or resistance. Indicator While one is does not dwell important than to other, using the combination of all three dog probidet clues about to stock’s overall directions

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