Forex Broker Review

Trading currencies is not like buying stocks; it is much more dynamic and returns can be realized quickly. But be sure that trading currency is speculating at its core, so be careful to step in the waters slowly and gain experience in the market before risking large sums.If you truly wish to learn currency trading, your best bet is to locate a Forex broker and begin to read over their policies and training documents.

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By Forex Zone - August 8, 2016
Buying Stock Without A Broker
As do-it-yourself investing becomes increasingly mainstream, more and more companies are selling no-load stock directly to individual investors.Why are companies taking this step? And what's in it for investors?Companies selling direct want to tap the huge pool of investors with small amounts of money who seek to avoid brokerage sales fees and commissions. As an added incentive, many companies offer investors direct purchase stock at a discount to market prices. Even after accounting...
By Forex Zone - July 24, 2016
How To Choose the Right Forex Broker
Choosing a forex trading broker boils down to asking a few simple questions regarding price, speed, tools, and support. Here are some tips to help select the right one. Though different forex brokers are all placing the same currency trades, not all currency trading brokers are the same. In fact, there's a surprising disparity between what each one offers in terms of trading tools, expenses, choices of leverage, and support. Traders shopping for their first- or a new- broker need to consider...