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Readers weigh in: Which companies will rule in five years?
We put the glam photo of columnist Jon Markman in temporary storage this week while he's on vacation. In his place, the real authors of the column will be readers who answered a question he posed before heading south: "Which companies will be the largest in the world in five years?" (see "World's Biggest Companies: Which Rock?").You can go straight to the SuperModels community to see all the replies directly. But what follows here -- and in next Wednesday's...
Having the right investing tools and resources can make your trading experience easier and more enjoyable. They can also mean the difference between success and failure.In order to trade stocks or options, you will need five key tools:-Real-time Streaming Quotes and Charting -Powerful Portfolio Management Software -A Proven Trading Strategy -A Fast Reliable Broker -Books, Training, and Additional Investing Resources1. Quotes and ChartingTo short-term trade stock or options, you...
By Forex Zone - November 23, 2016
Throughout much of history, gold has been a place of refuge from financial uncertainty. Many Germans treasured gold during the hyperinflation of the 1920s. During World War II, people fleeing the Nazis used gold coins to pay for help in their escapes. When inflation took off in the late 1970s in the United States, people rushed to buy gold, which soared to more than $850 an ounce in 1980. For many people, gold is portable, virtually indestructible and universal as a store of wealth.The obvious...
By Forex Zone - November 14, 2016
How To Roll with Momentum
Think you can't beat the market? All of the portfolios we've built in Investment Finder are up strongly so far this year, with the best gaining 50% on the backs of Oracle (NYSE:ORCL), Cracker Barrel (NASDAQ:CBRL), and United Natural Foods (NASDAQ:UNFI) over. Investor SuperModelsThe Dow Jones Industrial Average’s leap above 18,500 this year has obscured one sad fact: Most of the stocks you own have probably not done nearly so well.For while the huge-cap stocks in the Dow have...
So here you are six months after buying that old-new economy, click-n-brick, mid-cap, high-tech stock; or perhaps it was a new-old economy, large-cap, multi-national, conglomerate, low-tech stock. Let's say your stock has jumped 20 percent in seven months, a gain you expected to take twice as long. You've made a healthy gain and you're wondering what you should do now.To sell or not to sell?If you sell a stock you've held for less than a year and a day, your profit will...
By Forex Zone - September 21, 2016
A swingin
The early 20th-century Gestalt psychologists developed some theories on perception that we find pertinent in explaining why vivid events tend to create a frame of reference.They noticed that people organize complex visual fields into coherent wholes, or gestalts, rather than seeing unrelated elements in isolation. And when organizing a gestalt, people like a focus. Recall the famous picture of the vase set off by profiles -- impossible to see both at one time.The Gestaltists came up with...
By Forex Zone - September 20, 2016
Taking the Emotions out of Investing
Avoiding the emotional trapsWhy is it so important to think about emotions when it comes to investing?Emotions lead us to make bad decisions when investing our money. We tend to attach more than monetary value to money; sometimes we put our ego on the line with it. For example, we may buy a stock for $50, watch it go down to $30, and refuse to sell it until it goes back up to $50 because we don't want to admit failure. That's just one example of how emotions can get in the way of...
By Forex Zone - September 18, 2016
Quick Guide on How To Become A Day Trader
Being a Day Trader requires extreme attention to detail, an analytical mind, steel nerves, long hours, no one to tell you you're doing well, and the ability to do what you know is right when the whole market is telling you you're wrong.Are you ready for this? It certainly won't be easy, but can be very gratifying, and potentially very lucrative.Choose Your MarketThere is many more markets to choose from for a new day trader than in times past. Here's just a few of...
By Forex Zone - September 17, 2016
How to analyze the macroeconomic for share trading
A Comic writer said that a comic is more valuable than a stock. Although stock has risen at moment, we cannot see the true of stock price rising.The environment of economic is so bad. That is experts call it recession. The investor even the experts are difficult to find any money at stock market. The Dow lost 25% from the second week of January to early March. GM shares droops 29 cents. This is the lowest price since 1933 or Great depression.We should not sell our stock today unless we are...
By Forex Zone - September 17, 2016
How to use Price to earning ratio
Price to earning ratio compares the price of shares relative to its earning. The high PER shares reflect the shares must be expensive. Some famous investor uses this ratio for erstwhile test to stock.The founding father of value investing or Benjamin Graham use this ratio for analysts so the student Guru Warren Buffet. PE is reflected the real value of stock.We should hold the principal “buy low, sell high”.  The cheap stock has ability to increase many times. Reversely the expensive...