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Today’s market presents a lot of opportunities. But, to be a successful trader, you not only need a sound trading strategy, you need the right tools as well.

By Forex Zone - September 29, 2016
3 technical tools to improve his to negotiate
The technical analysis is the study of the common prices and the patrons of appraisal that can help investors to determine if an action is overbought (expensive) or oversold (cheap). Using several together, the called correlation, trading technical indicators it can more clearly cause to the “great picture” an action in a center.Here we will watch the volume, the indicator of Aroon and the Fibonacci numbers, three technical tools of the analysis that can be used to help to facilitate more...
By Forex Zone - August 31, 2016
How to calculate the margin in Forex
The Forex market (currency) is the largest global trading market. The currencies of countries can be traded in this market generally. In reality, however, only a handful of currencies are traded widely.One reason why many people are attracted to the Forex is much larger margin available in Forex than in other markets.InstructionsStep 1: Determine the total transaction value. The transaction value is the total amount being negotiated, the actual amount of dollars. Say you make a change...
By Forex Zone - July 26, 2016
Trading Systems
This is the complete list of trading systems for comparative inspection.  Systems are separated into categories of stocks and options, currencies, futures, automated software, annuities evaluation and real estate.  They can be further categorized into Procedural Rule Based Systems, Advisory Software Systems and Automated Software Systems.Procedural Rule Based Trading Systems form, by far, the largest category.  To avoid being intimidated by this long list, consider each item like you would...
By Forex Zone - July 24, 2016
Making Money Trading MT4
What if I told you that you actually have a pretty good chance of making money randomly picking trades if only you know what to do after picking the Trades …..!Interested?Ok, read on.--Knowing the myths--I am not aiming to talk about manually investing in stocks or currencies. I am primarily concerned with using technical analysis, based on price action to trade any particular instrument. I am also aiming to analyze what is needed in an automated algorithmic Trading system, whether...