Idle Funds Genius .. “Temporarily?

By Forex Zone
November 12, 2016
The program Inversion High Performance Genius Funds supposedly is down temporarily, you can not access your website which logically temporarily caused concern among investors. It is impossible to guess the future a program investment and certainly many will have different opinions about the future of Genius Funds.. Some research in forums and bogs able to find the following information for Genius Funds dated March 18, 2010: “We thought that we would one provide an update on Funds Genius last relationship. A user has kindly reported the following: He spoke to the customer service in phone twice and here are the results. I just finished a phone call with Alice, an agent customer service for GO. Just had to re-check about 45 times to pass a “busy” then hold about 20 minutes to get there. Given the hysteria, I expected it to be worse. Relieves GO argues that continues to face serious technical problems. He assured me that all questions on Monday, withdrawals and web access will be resolved. … … After my call with Alice, I read in the bogs / Forums that Customer Services were outsourced to GO so my call does not mean anything. Since I called again this morning … A few moments ago I spoke with Nancy, probably the same as everyone mentions. Nancy English is not very large and our conversation was a bit laborious, but ultimately seemed to confirm that Nancy English is not great and our conversation that she does not “work for a company that responds to Mobile Genius of the Funds” Mark Stallion She knows and has seen this week and she works in a building that is operated by GO When she asked why I was asking questions as I explained that people were afraid Genius the company had closed. His response was that the company was not closed, otherwise, why they answer the phone? I realize that for those intent on being the worst case, no amount of words from any source is credible .. Our calls to Nancy and Alicia certainly can not be considered as evidence, but I seem encouraging and choose to see good things ahead. We received the following from a user doing a research on funds of Genius: “I’ve called the office of Price Waterhouse Coopers found in the same building as Funds Genius in Limas sol and he confirmed that there are employees Genius Daily funds and there are a lot of jobs being done in the past few days, very busy and very busy, so this is at least a confirmation that there really are there. “ It turns out that there are Price Waterhouse Coopers in 6 Karaiskakis Street, Limas sol, you can see your address, visit the website Price Waterhouse Coopers, so we have no reason to doubt this claim. Also here is a picture of the building. We assume Funds Genius have offices in one of the top floors of Price Waterhouse Coopers. Another user said it had received an email back from the Funds Genius, Even an automated response, but still an answer, however. Dear Sirs, Your e-mail was received and answered. Please do not return to its Send e-mail again if not answered immediately. Currently, a large number of customers requiring assistance and e-mails can not wait to get answer within minutes. We try to answer all emails within 48 hours. Thank you for your understanding “ Therefore, this is quite encouraging. But it remains a waiting game for the moment “
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